Event Books Creation

As part of the events we cover, we like to believe it’s crucial to offer your participants a tool to record the amazing memories, to save the important moments that have happened in front of their eyes, or they have lived themselves.

For this reason, we love designing books based on the images we capture during these events, that we combine with great design and some story elements, to make sure we build an object that is far more than just a book, that becomes a gate to a moment of their lives they want to jump back into from time to time, a window that opens directly to their memories, bring them point of views they obviously didn’t get to while the event was happening and therefore broadens the experience.

The books we design are meant to bring them back the joy, thrill, or pains they went through during these moments and that sportsmen usually seek to live again and again. Our books are just a small extension of this.


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