BikingMan Peru

The second edition of the BikingMan ultra cycling race in Peru, the IncaDivide, a divide format race, part of the Academy 2018 race series, happened between July 1st and July 12th.

The Pinnacle of the 2018 BikingMan series, the 2018 IncaDivide focused on high altitude experience, cycling multiple passes over 4,000m in the Andes for a total elevation of 31,000m, over a 1,800km loop from Trujillo. This incredible adventure, with a race time-limit of 12 days (288hours) took our riders in the White Cordillera, including Mount Huascaran, culminating at 6,768m, the Yanashalla pass at 4,720m and the Pastororu glacier and its eternal snow, the final white tracks before going back to the coast.

A truly unique adventure across some of the most unbelievable landscapes you can find on planet Earth, for some life-time engraved memories.

3 thoughts on “BikingMan Peru

  1. Love this new adition to BikingMan.
    The phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words” really apply here. The way that the shots are taken, gives us insight into the athletes and tells a story in it’s own.
    Thanks xxx

  2. Photographier et filmer l’invisible…
    Les duettistes de BikingMan, grisés par l’air pur, ne veulent rien rater pour cerner la beauté inaccessible du monde, et la beauté intérieure des challengers.
    Merci de nous ouvrir les yeux.
    David et Anthony, nous n’avons aucune envie de vous voir délivrer le label de « finisher »… votre prophétie des Andes, prolonge celles d’Oman et de Corse, et nous allons guetter celle de Taïwan.

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